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Rock Sawing & Hammering

With an extensive range of rock saws, hammers and grinding we have your project covered

If you need to excavate any hard material such as rocks, boulders, concrete or heavily compacted earth, DL Civil’s comprehensive rock excavation services can get your project moving again.


Rock Excavation is often undertaken in built up urban areas around Sydney and in most, if not all cases, vibration created by excavation equipment is of significant concern to clients that require minimal noise from council or that the project is close proximity to residents, hospitals.

We specialise in Rock Sawing and Grinding equipment which is a proven method to lessen the effects of vibration when removing rock.


Rock excavation and grinding services produce a significant amount of waste rock that must be removed before any further work on the site can commence. For this reason, DL Civil also provides you with specialised rock disposal service.

Our Excavator range has you covered for any rock situation

  • performing rock excavation in deep pits
  • Tight access areas
  • Large range of machines
  • Rock disposal service

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