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Bulk & Detailed Excavation

DL Civil specialise in bulk and detailed excavation around the Greater Sydney area

Bulk excavations involve the removal of large amounts of soil, rock, or other material from site, in preparation for a construction project.

Excavations are often required for residential or commercial projects to bring the land to the right level to build foundations and structures on.

There are many different scenarios where bulk excavations are needed, and a range of specialised equipment that is designed to complete the task in the most efficient and effective way. We have an extensive fleet of machines available for your project, so you can complete on time and within budget.

Our skilled team and range of plant provides us with the necessary tools to take on any job.

We carry out all aspects of
demolition, including:

  • Clearing Land

  • Bulk & Detailed Excavation

  • Clean Filling Material Supply

  • Earthmoving & Compaction

  • Rock Excavation Services

  • Rock Sawing

  • Contaminated Soil Removal

  • General Solid Waste Removal

  • Building foundations and footings in preparation for construction.

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