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1.7t Excavator

Great for tight access areas – retracts to 940mm and expands to 1245mm. Cabin roof can also be removed


Machine Hire
with Buckets & Ripper

$90.00 p/hr 

– min 8/6hr
Hammer & Augers

+ $35.00 p/hr

– min 4hr
Rock Saw Diamond

+ $100.00 p/hr

– min 4hr
Machine Float


Rate include Excavator and Operator
Mon-Fri: minimum of 8hr hire  |  Sat: minimum of 6hr hire


 Used commonly in landscaping jobs, the 1.7T excavator is a nimble operator with enough grunt to get most simple excavations done quickly and efficiently. Anything from backyard digging for a pool to small landscaping jobs is within reach of the 1.7T excavator.


Height: 2.3m Digging Depth: 2.1m
Width:  1m – 1.3m SWL: 185Kg


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We’ve got every excavator attachment you can think of. Every job site is different, but we’ve got the range that’ll help you tackle any project so you’ll never worry if the equipment is up to the task.

Hydraulic Hammer

Auger Driver Sieve Bucket
Rock Saw Ripper